How to Hire a Divorce Attorney in South Carolina

If you’ve decided to get a divorce, then it is time to give some thought to reviewing and comparing Charleston’s divorce lawyers. Divorce can be a legally confusing process on top of an already emotional situation. Choosing from the many available attorneys can also be confusing.

How to Start Looking for a Divorce Lawyer in Charleston

If you’ve never hired a lawyer, you may not know where to start. If you know someone who recently hired a divorce attorney, then they may have a personal recommendation for you. However, you may feel uncomfortable asking for recommendations or discussing your divorce with people close to you. That’s why the Internet can also be a valuable resource to research and compare Charleston divorce lawyers and their professional backgrounds. Sites such as AVVO, LinkedIn, and others can help you compare the experience and reputation of various Charleston divorce lawyers.

At Futeral & Nelson, LLC, our Charleston divorce attorneys will meet with you for an hour-long initial consultation. This meeting gives you the chance to learn about our Charleston divorce lawyers and it gives us an opportunity to learn more about you and your divorce. Before you meet with one of our Charleston divorce lawyers, you should prepare by making some written notes about the basic details of your divorce and any questions you would like to ask our divorce attorneys. During the initial consultation, we will answer your questions about your divorce and our professional backgrounds, discuss the strategy for handling your divorce, and discuss the costs of your divorce.

Your First Meeting with a Divorce Lawyer

When you are meeting with divorce lawyers in Charleston, you must remember that not all divorce attorneys are created equal. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before making your decision as to which lawyer to hire:

1)   Does the lawyer pay attention to you while you are talking? You need an attorney who will be compassionate and dedicated to your needs. If the lawyer is distracted, taking other calls, checking emails, and so on, perhaps that lawyer is not the best for you.

2)   Does the lawyer try to educate you and answer your questions? A skilled divorce lawyer knows that educating the client is important so that the client can make sound and informed decisions about their family’s future.

3)   Is the lawyer assertive without being arrogant? Some clients believe that having a “pit bull” for a lawyer is their best move. Obnoxious and egotistical does not mean better or skilled. You need an attorney that will calmly assert your rights and who will act professionally at all times.

4)   Is the lawyer guaranteeing you results? If so, be cautious! Litigation in any court, including family court, is risky and the outcome can’t be predicted with any certainty.  The outcome of your divorce depends on many things such as the present circumstances, future developments, and the decisions and attitudes of family court judges.  You need a divorce lawyer who shoots straight with you and tells you like it is and not what you want to hear.

5)   If there are children involved, does the lawyer emphasize the best interests of your children are the most important aspects of your divorce? When parents use children as pawns in their divorce, the children suffer greatly. A good divorce attorney will understand that your children’s welfare should be your major priority in the divorce.

After you’ve met with us and any other Charleston divorce lawyers you are considering, then you are ready to make your choice. Ask yourself whether you feel that one of our Charleston divorce attorneys has the skills to handle your case. Ask yourself whether you feel that you can trust us to help you with your divorce. If you feel like our Charleston divorce attorneys have more experience and have stood out among the other lawyers you’ve met, then we hope you will give us the opportunity to help you during your divorce.

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