Animal Laws in South Carolina

What’s in Our Free eBook on Animal Laws in South Carolina

Animal Law in South Carolina
Animal Law in South Carolina
  • Legal Claims for Injuries to Animals
  • Veterinary Malpractice
  • Legal Issues with Vicious Animals
  • Legal Claims for Dog Bites
  • State and Federal Animal Cruelty Laws
  • State and Federal Laws Concerning Animals
  • Protection & Use of Service Animals
  • Estate Planning for Animals – Wills & Trusts
  • Preparing for & Attending Court

Stephan Futeral’s eBook, “Animal Laws in South Carolina – Piecing It All Together” is available for FREE on the iTunes® Bookstore or as a PDF. He wrote this book based on over 28 years of experience helping pet and animal owners in South Carolina with animal law violations and claims for injuries to persons, pets, and animals. This FREE eBook is the only one of its kind in South Carolina. It will guide you and educate you about your legal rights and your legal responsibilities as a pet or animal owner in South Carolina; it’s a MUST READ.

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