Gun Laws in South Carolina

What’s in Our Free eBook on Gun Laws in South Carolina

  • Persons Prohibited from Owning a Firearm
  • Carrying Weapons in South Carolina
  • Concealed Weapons in South Carolina
  • Open Carry in South Carolina
  • Reciprocity of Concealed Weapons Permit
  • How to Get a CWP
  • Protection of Persons & Property Act
  • Stand Your Ground Law
  • Use of Deadly Force
  • Self-Defense
  • Defense of Others
  • Where You May Legally Shoot
  • Weapons Offenses & Penalties

Stephan Futeral’s and Thomas Nelson’s eBook, “Gun Laws in South Carolina – Piecing It All Together,” is available for FREE on the iTunes® Bookstore or as a PDF. Based on over 30 years of their combined experience, Stephan and Thomas wrote this book in easy-to-understand terms to explain the laws and your rights in South Carolina when you own, carry, or use a firearm. If you own a weapon such as a handgun or if you have a Concealed Weapons Permit, then this book is a MUST READ.

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