Construction Litigation

Construction defects, or negligent construction, reduce the value of residential or commercial property. Construction defects may be immediately obvious or they might be hidden (latent defects). Common construction defects arise from:

  • Inadequate grading or improper soil preparation or compaction
  • Faulty drainage or improper landscaping
  • Cracks in foundations, floors, walls and roofs
  • Water seepage or improper heating and ventilation (causing dry rot, termites, molds and bacteria)
  • Defective plumbing or electrical systems
  • Defective lighting
  • Inadequate security
  • Substandard building materials
  • Failure to follow material manufacturer’s installation or application instructions
  • Failure to meet applicable building codes
  • Failure to follow engineering or architectural plans or specifications
  • Faulty engineering or architectural plans or specifications

If you have suffered due to construction defects, you may be entitled to compensation under South Carolina’s laws. Monetary compensation or damages generally include:

  • Cost of repairs or restoration of the property
  • Diminution in Value (the difference in market value before and after the injury)
  • Loss of use of the property during the period of injury and repair

Charleston Construction Law Attorneys

It is important to consult with an attorney as soon as possible in order to preserve your rights in this matter. It is advisable, when a construction defect is discovered, to provide for testing of the entire facility or building. It may well be that the discovered defect is an indication of the quality of the overall workmanship.

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