South Carolina’s Divorce & Family Laws

Common Law Marriage in South Carolina

As Charleston divorce attorneys, we've dealt with cases involving common-law marriage in South Carolina. Until July 2019, South Carolina was one of the few states that still recognized a “common law” marriage even though the couple didn't have a ceremony or get a...

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How to Stop Getting Over-Billed by Your Divorce Lawyer

As a divorce lawyer in Charleston, South Carolina, I've had clients tell me that another lawyer ripped them off during their divorce by overcharging them. Besides what I hear from clients' past experiences with other divorce attorneys, I've had cases where I suspect...

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What Are Fathers’ Rights in South Carolina?

Our custody and divorce lawyers in Charleston have handled many cases involving custody of a child whose parents never married. In some respects, family court cases involving unmarried parents can be simpler than a traditional divorce because they do not involve...

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Six Best Ways to Deal with a Passive-Aggressive Co-Parent

As a divorce lawyer in Charleston, South Carolina, with over 29 years of experience, I've listened to the frustrations of many parents who are dealing with a passive-aggressive co-parent. In my experience, passive-aggressive behavior is one of the most common problems...

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Parental Alienation & Child Custody South Carolina

As child custody lawyers in Charleston, South Carolina, we deal with cases where one parent turns the parties’ children against the other parent. Many refer to these acts of poisoning a child’s relationship with a parent as Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)....

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What Happens in a SC Divorce If You File for Bankruptcy?

As divorce lawyers in Charleston, South Carolina, we've handled cases where a spouse files for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy law doesn't require a married couple to file jointly. In other words, your spouse can file without you and may leave you "holding the bag" when it...

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