South Carolina’s Divorce & Family Laws

Who Gets the House in a South Carolina Divorce?

As divorce attorneys in Charleston, South Carolina, our clients frequently want to know who gets the house in a divorce. The short answer is that it completely depends on each case. The long answer can be a little complicated, but in this article, our family court...

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South Carolina’s Child Passenger Safety & Restraint Laws

Like many other states, South Carolina has child restraint laws to address concerns over children who may get injured in a traffic accident. South Carolina's child passenger safety (child restraint) laws apply to motor vehicles including passenger cars, pickup trucks,...

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Is South Carolina a Community Property State?

As family law attorneys in Charleston, SC, we've been asked whether South Carolina is a community property state. The short answer is "no." However, South Carolina is called an “equitable division,” sometimes referred to as a “separate property,” state. In most long...

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The Process of Discovery in a South Carolina Lawsuit

Our trial lawyers at Futeral & Nelson are regularly involved in both circuit court (civil court) and family court lawsuits. In nearly every case, it is important to make sure we have the evidence necessary to prove or defend our case in the event it doesn’t settle...

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Grandparent Visitation & Custody Rights in South Carolina

As family law attorneys in Charleston, we are often asked about the rights of grandparents in divorce, visitation, and custody cases in South Carolina. Sometimes, one of the parents dies, and the other parent withholds the child from his or her in-laws. Sometimes, the...

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