Tommy Nelson, without a question, is the perfect blend of intelligence, compassion, strategy and efficiency. He never told me what I wanted to hear, but rather always told me what I needed to hear, in order to make a wise decision. I never doubted is advice and took it at every critical juncture of my case. Multiple depositions were required as well as full trial prep and 5 days in-court: including both the examination and cross examination of multiple parties. You will never appreciate the power of hearing a detail until you watch Tommy turn a detail into a string of questions that brings the truth to light. I not only saw this talent at work throughout the deposition process, but also in court. No detail is unheard by Tommy. I’ve never seen anything like it. Most importantly, Tommy handled my case like it was his very own family. I could not be more complimentary or content as I am with the decision to use Tommy Nelson. Like any great team, Michelle McManigal is the certainty and organization in the middle of the storm. Michelle is loving and compassionate and makes sure no detail is left unchecked, affording Tommy affording him to give his all. They are the perfect team! I strongly recommend any person reading this post to trust the skills of Tommy and Michelle to represent you. You will not be disappointed.