South Carolina’s Criminal Laws

The South Carolina Driving Points System Explained

Our criminal lawyers in Charleston regularly review driving records and help our clients make decisions based on their past driving records. We’ve noticed that many folks don’t fully understand what the driving points system in South Carolina means. For example, many...

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What are the Golf Cart Laws in South Carolina?

As I drive through my neighborhood, I notice that more and more of my neighbors and their children are driving golf carts. On one occasion, I saw a neighbor take his golf cart out of the neighborhood and down on a busy highway as he tried to reach another...

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What Are South Carolina’s Habitual Offender Laws?

As both criminal defense attorneys and DUI defense lawyers in Charleston, South Carolina we’ve helped drivers who’ve lost their license because the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) declared them to be Habitual Traffic Offenders (“habitual offenders”) under South...

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What Are South Carolina’s Civil Forfeiture Laws?

As criminal defense attorneys in Charleston, South Carolina, we deal with cases involving forfeiture of assets which is when law enforcement seizes money and property concerning drug-related and other crimes. Although many people refer to this as "criminal...

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What is a Preliminary Hearing in South Carolina?

As criminal defense attorneys in Charleston, SC, we frequently go to preliminary hearings (sometimes called a "probable cause" hearing) for our clients. In South Carolina, any person arrested in South Carolina for a felony (and some misdemeanor charges) has a right to...

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What Happens at a Bond Hearing in South Carolina?

As criminal defense lawyers in Charleston, we are often asked about what happens at a bond hearing in South Carolina. A bond hearing, sometimes referred to as a bail hearing, is usually the first thing that happens after a person is arrested in South Carolina. After...

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